Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Story About My First Fuck

This is a story about my first time with a women. it starts at my house and where I lived with my grandmother ever since my mother had died 5 years earlier. I was 18 at the time and had been jacking off for quite a while by then at least 3-4 years one day my grandmother was doing the laundry and out of the blue said I wish you do you boy stuff in the bathroom and not get it on the sheets all the time . I didn't say anything just turned beet red.

From then on I was careful not to get any cum on the sheets if possible sometimes id wake up from a dream and have cum though and id try to wipe the sheets but it was IM possible to get the cum out. I was a normal 16 year old id never had any pussy and it was all I thought about id fantasize about every girl and women I thought was sexy which was probably all of them at that age.

I did do my boy stuff in the bathroom a lot as my grandmother called it. And one day I had been in there for maybe 5 minutes and just ran in to drain a huge hard on I had I sat down and leaned back feet on the bath tub in front of me and was stroking my cock and could feel the cum building in my balls and body I knew it wouldn't be long until I shot a load all over my belly

When all of a sudden the door comes open and my grandmother was standing there with a laundry basket.she had come to get the dirty laudry from the hamper and there I sat stretched out stroking my 8 incher for all I was worth she didn't even flinch she said oh sorry let me know when your done. And turned and walked out shutting the door behind her.

I was so embarrassed I thought I had locked that door what an idiot I am. When I came out which I didn't want to do to face her she said sit down for a minute I want to talk to you. I did I thought she was going to bitch me out. But she started out by saying she was sorry she didn't know I was in there and its a natural thing for boys my age and asked if id mind answering some questions for her ? I told her no

She said well Jimmy its just you and me and I don't have a man to talk to you about sex so IM going to try and fill you in OK ? I said sure knowing this was going to embarrass me almost as much as her catching me jacking off. She went on to tell me about how baby's were made which I knew but let her talk and telling me about protection and disease just the basic sex talk everyone gets.

Then she asked me if id ever been with a girl yet I told her no I was to shy to ask any out she went on to tell me how the girls are just as shy as I am and I shouldn't be shy just go ahead and ask them out they wont bite. Well I told her id try which I knew I wouldn't, I just didn't have the balls to do it.

Well the conversation ended right there and things were back to normal for about a month she never brought up sex again but she did ask me if id ever asked out a girl and I told her not yet.are you going to ? Probably not.im just to damm shy grams . She just looked at me and let it drop.

About 2 weeks more went by, she brought it up again I told her grams things aren't like when you were young you can't just go up to girls and ask them out of the blue for a date.every generation seems to think everythings changed just for them when we all know its bull shit it just seems that way to us because we young and stupid.

Another week went by and my grandmother asked if id go to her friends house and put up some curtains for her. I always did this kind of thing for my grams friends so it wasn't anything out of the norm for me.This time it was for Mrs. Potter she was a little older than grams maybe by 3 years she was 65 then about 5 Ft 5 and chunky 175 mostly all of it in her belly. If she were younger you'd have thought she was pregnant and she was definitely matronly though so you'd never think that if you seen her now, just because of the way she carried her weight.

She showed me where she wanted the curtains put up in 2 windows in her kitchen and then one window in her bathroom I did the kitchen and was about to start the bathroom and she asked if I wanted something to drink it was hot so I took some soda and she said here sit down and rest until you drink your pop.

I did and she started talking to me and then out of the blue said your grandmother told me about your problem. Problem ?Yeah your girl problem she says your so shy your never going to have sex and she's worried about you. She shouldn't be I guess ill do it sometime your grams is right you know girls are just as anxious as boys are about sex .I know but its just hard to know what to say when you approach them I get all tongue tied and forget what I was going to say.

Your grams wondered if maybe there wasn't something we could do to help you ? I don't know what that would be ? Well what if someone showed you what a women likes do you like that might help you ? Yeah IM sure it would but who would do that for me ? It still hadn't dawned on me what was happening here. Well what if I showed you a bit your grams said anything would be helpful to you and says your just about busting at the seems all the time.

Now I was embarrassed for sure she told this older lady I was jacking off ? dammit who else did she tell ?. u just looked at her not knowing what to say. She continued jimmy IM older and don't look anything like a young girl I know but I can show you some things that will help you in the long run if your up for it ? Ah yeah sure I guess.i couldn't believe my grams had got this old lady to show me about sex.

She said OK why don't you come in here and we'll start OK ? My cock started to get hard was this old lady going to fuck me ? I didn't know what was going to happen but I was going to find out.i followed her to her bedroom and and she said why don't you take your cloths off I looked at her like she was an alien and just stood there frozen she seen my reaction and said oh IM sorry I should have been more thoughtful I know your nervous here will it help if I go first ? I nodded my head.

She pulled her top up over her head and laid it neatly on the chair careful not to wrinkle it then dropped her polyester pants and laid them next to it. Wow she had nice legs and her tit's were huge trying to bust out of that big white bra. She unfastened her bra and let them swing free they laid on her bell they were fucking huge her areola were as big as a soda can and nipples stuck out 3/4 of inch and were dark brown. I have to say it she looked hot to me. My cock sprang to attention and was starining trying to get out of my pants.

She bent slightly and dropped her panty's they were the big white kind old lady's wear. Her pussy looked puffy but I could see the slit. She didn't have a lot of pubic hair but some I could faintly see her clit poking out between the slit in her pussy. Man what a sight she was. She said there now how's that ? She sat on the bed and said now do you feel a little better ? Yes was all I managed to say.

She said OK now lets get you out of these things. She unfastened my belt and then pulled my shirt up.I helped and pulled it over my head and off I threw it on the floor.she said my my you young kids don't take care of anything.She got up grabbed it off the floor and laid it on the chair with hers. I dropped my pants to the floor and then picked them up and laid them neatly on the chair.She smiled and said that's better. She looked at my body and said your a well developed young man. Thank you. She sat in front of me and said how about down here she pulled my underwear down, my cock sprang out.

Oh my your well developed down here to. She reached and stroked my hard cock I trembled. I knew I wouldn't last to long it felt so good. She said Marge wasn't lying your ready to go aren't you ? Yes.Well How about we take care of that first one so I can so you can learn some things? Do you think that would be OK ? Yes.

She leaned forward and took the head in her mouth and I could feel the cum bubbling already and she hadn't stroked me once yet. She stopped and said if you want you can touch my tit's while we get this first one out of the way . I looked down at her. I reached down and fondled her nipple and it felt so nice.She popped my cock back in her mouth and sucked the head. She used her hand and started stroking me I was about to cum and didn't know if she realized it.I didn't know what I was supposed to do just cum in her mouth or what ?

I said mam, IM going to do something if you keep that up. She popped the head out and said you go right ahead honey that's the idea.And locked on the head again gently sucking it and stroking my length with her hand no more than a minute I started Cumming and felt my knees buckle under me. She grabbed my ass with both hands and steadied me she started bobbing up and down on my cock it felt so damm good I started shooting once ,twice,three, times four times, fives times and I shot hard in her mouth and shot a lot to I know I did she didn't spill one drop.

When I was done all that was left was that over sensitive feeling. She popped my cock out and said there now that's over we can get to work.do you feel a little better now ? Yeah definitely thank you. Your welcome.well come on up here now and ill show you about a women and what she like's OK ? I moved up and she laid back on the bed. She said of course women like their breasts rubbed you can do it like this she took both palms and rubbed across her nipples in a circular motion and you can lift them and tweak them like this taking the nipple and piching them.

I was hard again already watching her she seen it and said I can tell your going to fine with women hon. And kind of giggled. There try rubbing my breasts like I showed you.I did the circular thing then the tweak,she closed her eyes and ummmmm that's nice.
Thank you. Your welcome. And now lets get to the basics of a women and what makes her relay feel good OK ? I didn't answer she spread her milky thighs and said you know what this of course ? Yeah. Well this is a clit right here and its like the head of your penis its very sensitive and if you lick or rub it a women can and will if you do it right have an orgasm.

These out lips are called a vulva and their very sensitive also, not as much as a clit but if you start with these its a good thing just use your whole hand and rub the women's vagina like this, she took her whole hand and reached back to her asshole and palmed her pussy and just rubbed it for a few seconds then pulled it forward and pushed it back while closing her eyes she looked like she enjoyed it..I noticed her breathing was a little harder now.

And this here hon. is the vagina opening. She used both hands and pulled her pussy lips open. Look closely at the location so you wont be fumbling when you get a girl.I did, my cock was busting I wanted to fuck her bad. Her hole looked super tight it was barely a slit even when she held it open with both hands .She said oh and I almost forgot I know here something ill bet you'll like and need to know....